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Your compassionate mental health coach, ready to help you now, anytime, and anywhere.

Our mission is to provide everyone access to clinically efficacious mental health support at every point in their mental health journey and guarantee universal access to high-quality and personalized mental health support. At ChatOwl, our team is making mental health support accessible to all and working to make it more effective and flexible than traditional therapy.

To do that, the ChatOwl’s team has launched a free and evidence-backed platform that leverages leading clinical techniques proven to address a broad range of mental health conditions. ChatOwl’s secure, cutting-edge platform is a first-of-its-kind Clinical Artificial Intelligence (CAI) that personalizes clinically proven supports to help people address anxiety and other emotions without expensive copays, from the privacy of their home, device, and without long wait times.

Virtual Therapist

Just 5 Minutes A Day

Our research shows that just five minutes a day on our platform can meaningfully improve a person’s mood. If you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety, sadness or depression, take five minutes to try ChatOwl today!

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Therapy Plan

Evidence-Based Techniques

Our platform utilizes strategies from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and more, ensuring you receive personalized support that’s both effective and scientifically validated.

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Personalized Strategies

We understand that everyone’s journey is unique. ChatOwl’s Clinical Artificial Intelligence platform adapts to your individual needs, offering personalized strategies for managing anxiety, depression, and more.

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Monitor your Progress towards Recovery

Available 24/7/365

Say goodbye to long wait times. ChatOwl brings professional, evidence-based mental well-being coaching directly to you, anytime, anywhere.

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Virtual Therapist

Safe and Secure

Your safety and privacy are our top priorities. ChatOwl practices ethical data use and offers a confidential space for your mental health journey, ensuring that your data is completely in your control. We believe your data is personal and should only be shared with you permission.

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Improve Your
Mental Health


Master Your Anxiety

Gain insights and tools to navigate and manage your anxiety effectively.

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Emotional Intelligence Unleashed

Learn to recognize, understand, and harness your emotions for a more fulfilling life.
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Transform Your Thinking

Discover techniques to cultivate positive thought patterns and eliminate unhelpful ones.

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Elevate Your Journaling Experience

Explore pride and gratitude exercises to enrich your reflective practice.

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Interactive Emotional Games

Engage in fun games designed to enhance your emotion regulation skills and identify thought patterns.

Join our Movement

Be a part of the ChatOwl community. By choosing ChatOwl, you’re not just seeking support; you’re joining a movement to make mental health care accessible for all. Download our app today and take the first step towards being your best and happiest self.

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Why We Created ChatOwl

For individuals seeking mental health care, long wait times are the norm. According to the American Psychological Association, 60% of psychologists reported having no openings available for new patients in 2021

The reality is that there are not enough mental health professionals in the United States to meet the surging and urgent demand for services. So, how do we ensure that all those who need services can receive them? 

We had to create it. That’s what we’ve been doing at ChatOwl. We are leveraging the same clinical best practices used by psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and mental health professionals to build a Clinical Artificial Intelligence (CAI) platform capable of providing personalized, clinically-backed mental health coaching services customized to an individual’s unique circumstances.

By applying the same strategies therapists use to meet each individual’s personal needs with our advanced CAI platform, we can create mental health supports that are more effective than traditional therapies. We do this by ensuring our platform consistently applies best practices every time, something even the best therapists can struggle to do. 

To do that, we need your help. Every person who uses our secure and anonymous tool helps our team improve, expand, and increase our impact on those we serve. 

Join our community!

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